Honor 9X Pro HLK-AL10 Remove Huawei ID

Honor 9X Pro HLK-AL10 Remove Huawei ID

Honor 9X Pro HLK-AL10 Khoá Tài Khoản Huawei.Mở Khoá Thành Công

Honor 9X Pro HLK-AL10 Remove Huawei ID Online Via Remote

Nhận Xoá Huawei ID Honor 9X Pro HLK-AL10 

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Phone model: HLK-AL10
Version: HLK-AL10
The battery must be connected to the phone's board and fully charged. [YES]
SN: DWV6R19906011030
OEM Info IMEI1: 865622049642593
OEM Info IMEI2: 865622049679769
MEID: A00000B08CD6B3
Phone model: HLK-AL10
Build number: HLK-AL10
Security area saved 
Removing Huawei ID...Done
Formatting FFS...Done

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