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Vivo Y20-Y20i-Y20s - PD2034F-V2027-V2029 Remove Password - Gmail

 Vivo Y20-Y20i-Y20s - PD2034F-V2027-V2029 Remove Password - Gmail 

 Vivo Y20-Y20i-Y20s - PD2034F-V2027-V2029 Khóa Mã Bảo Vệ,Mở Khóa Thành Công

 Vivo Y20-Y20i-Y20s - PD2034F-V2027-V2029 Remove Password Online Via Remote

Nhận Xóa Mã Bảo Vệ  Vivo Y20-Y20i-Y20s - PD2034F-V2027-V2029 

Nhận Xóa FRP - Gmail  Vivo Y20-Y20i-Y20s - PD2034F-V2027-V2029 

Nhận Xóa Vivo ID  Vivo Y20-Y20i-Y20s - PD2034F-V2027-V2029 

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FACTORY RESET Selected Model : Vivo Y20-Y20i-Y20s - PD2034F-V2027-V2029
 Authenticating... OK
 Retrieving data... OK
 Initializing data... OK
 Searching for HS-USB QDLoader 9008... COM3
 Connection : USB 2.0 High-Speed 
 USB Driver : [Qualcomm Incorporated] qcusbser
 Connecting to device... OK
 Handshaking... OK
 Reading bootloader info... OK
 SOC : [2581782322] [Snapdragon 460] [SM4250-AA] [0x001360E1]
 Writing flash programmer... OK
 Connecting to flash programmer... OK
 Configuring device... OK
 Setting boot LUN1... OK
 Firehose config : UFS [Sector:4096] [Target:0] [Host:1048576] 
 Formatting data... OK
Rebooting... OK

Vivo Y20-Y20i-Y20s - PD2034F-V2027-V2029 Remove Password - Gmail Vivo Y20-Y20i-Y20s - PD2034F-V2027-V2029 Remove Password - Gmail Reviewed by thanhnamPDAviet on tháng 11 13, 2020 Rating: 5

1 nhận xét:

  1. >>>>Auto Identify 9008 Port...
    Get 9008 Port;Is:COM3
    >>>>Reading Mobile Hardware Info...Succes
    CPU_SN: 0x333668D7
    MSM_ID: 0x001360E1

    >>>Try Connect Mobile...Success
    >>>Try Initialize Mobile...Success
    >>>Downloading Boot...Success
    >>>Switch Mobile to ReWr ModeSuccess
    Flash Type: UFS
    CPU Type: on="1.0
    Erasing Userdata...
    all is done!!!

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