Samsung A50 A505F U5 Remove FRP - Gmail Done

 Samsung A50 A505F U5 Remove FRP - Gmail Done

 Samsung A50 A505F Khóa Xác Minh Tài Khoản Gmail,Mở Khóa Thành Công
 Samsung A50 A505F Remove FRP Online Via Remote

Nhận Xóa FRP - Gmail  Samsung A50 A505F
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Found at COM41
Open port
Reading info
Model: SM-A505F
Country: XXV
Serial Number: R58M31K94XW
Unique Number: CE011931A367693A027E
IMEI 1: 354465105434309
IMEI 2: 354466105434307
Check frp on
Remove frp done

3 Nhận xét

  1. Searching for Samsung MTP Port
    Found at COM4
    Open port
    Reading info
    Model: SM-A505F
    AP: A505FDDS5BTJ1
    CSC: A505FOLM5BTH9
    CP: A505FXXS5BTJ6
    Country: XXV
    Serial Number: R58M3546LXZ
    Unique Number: CE02193268A6542A017E
    IMEI 1: 356646100510437
    IMEI 2: 356647100510435
    Installing Drivers...
    Launching browser event
    Finished, Press 'view' on device screen to open the browser then continue to bypass FRP

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  2. Searching for Samsung Modem Port...Found port COM109
    Opening port...OK
    Reading info...OK
    Device Model: SM-A505F
    AP Firmware: A505FDDS6BUA6
    CSC Firmware: A505FOLM6BUA6
    CP Firmware: A505FXXS6BUA6
    Firmware Country: XXV
    Device Serial: R58M51JYMSM
    Device IMEI: 356646103320321
    Device Unique Code: 988EC84E31334B413934
    Operation Finished (00:03) By MagmaFrpTool Version 2.0
    Work ID: 1097498

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  3. Brand: samsung
    Model: SM-A505F
    Android Version: 11
    Sale Code: KSA
    Country: KSA
    RIL Version: Samsung RIL v4.0
    Software Version: A505FXXU9CVA5
    Bootloader Version: A505FDDU9CVB1
    Config Version:
    Build Number: RP1A.200720.012.A505FDDU9CVB1
    Product Board: exynos9610
    Security Patch: 2022-02-01
    Software Released Date: Tue Feb 15 15:31:02 KST 2022
    SIM Operator:
    SIM Operator Country:
    Checking Frp Lock...OK
    Unlocking Frp...OK

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