Samsung A320Y Remove FRP - Gmail

Samsung A320Y Remove FRP - Gmail

Samsung A320Y Khóa Xác Minh Tài Khoản Gmail,Mở Khóa Thành Công
Samsung A320Y Remove FRP Online Via Remote

Nhận Xóa FRP - Gmail Samsung A320Y
Nhận Unlock - Mở Mạng Samsung A320Y

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☯ Unlock - Remove FRP - Repair IMEI - Online (Teamviewer)
☎ Hotline : +84966833711 (Zalo/Facebook/WhatsApp/Telegram)
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Model : A320Y
Operation : Reset FRP
Searching for Phone...Found
Port:  : COM51 : SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem #20
Checking for Device...Found [Normal Mode]
Reading Phone Information...OK
Model:  : SM-A320Y
IMEI:  : 356311080263297
Software:  : A320YDXU1BQL1/A320YOLB1BQL1/A320YDXU1BQI2/A320YDXU1BQL1
Product : XXV
Init Download Mode...OK
Waiting for phone in Download Mode...OK
Port:  : COM5 : SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem
Reading Data from Phone...Done
Chipset : LSI7880 [HiSpeed]
Loading Data...OK
Resetting FRP Data...OK
Closing Session...Done
---------------- IMPORTANT ----------------
Wait for phone to turn on completely.
goto Menu > Settings > Backup and Reset and do Factory data Reset.
Operation Finished.

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