OPPO F15 CPH2001 Remove Password - Demo

OPPO F15 CPH2001 Remove Password - Demo

OPPO F15 CPH2001 Khóa Mã Bảo Vệ,Mở Khóa Thành Công
OPPO F15 CPH2001 Remove Lock Screen Online Via Remote

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Nhận Xóa Mã Bảo Vệ OPPO F15 CPH2001
Nhận Unlock - Mở Mạng OPPO F15 CPH2001

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  1. Waiting for device... COM34
    Connection : USB 2.0 High-Speed
    USB Driver : [MediaTek Inc.] wdm_usb
    Boot Mode : META [0E8D:2007]
    Initializing META... OK
    Connecting to META... OK
    Reading Hardware Info...
    BaseBand : MT6771
    DSP firmware : Thu Nov 26 00:25:53 CST 2020
    H/W board : CPH2001_11_C.47_201125_3ffd64ad
    Reading Software Info...
    Brand : OPPO
    Board : oppo6771
    Model : CPH2001
    Android : 10
    Formatting data... OK
    Shutting down device... OK
    Hold VOL- and POWER to enter RECOVERY then WIPE DATA!

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