Vertu Ti Repair IMEI | Vertu Ti Repair Network

Vertu Ti Repair IMEI | Vertu Ti Repair Network

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☯ Unlock - Remove FRP - Repair IMEI - Online (Teamviewer)
☎ Hotline : 0966833711 (Zalo + Facebook + WhatsApp)
۩۩ Website :
 IMEI[1] for write : 035794594588888
 Scanning for presents meta ports...
 Phone must be off with battery inside. 
 Please insert USB cable now...
 In some phones need to keep VOL- button untill inserting USB cable.
 [22]Detected: MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM_V1632 (Android) (COM22) 
 Starting META mode, wait...
 Restarting to meta,wait....
 If drivers missing, please install CDC drivers.
 This can take up to 5 min on slow phones.
 If take too long, check device manager for drivers.
 [123]META Port Detected: MediaTek USB VCOM (Android) (COM123) 
 Start sync target, waiting responce.....
 Meta mode conected ok, start reading phone....
 IMEI to repair: [1] 035794594588888
 Phone imei[1] : 035794594588888
 Clean Boot flag ok. 
 [0]All done.

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