Samsung A10 A105G Knox | Remove Knox Done

Samsung A10 A105G Knox | Remove Knox Done

Samsung A10 A105G Khóa Knox Yamaha,Mở Khóa Knox Thành Công
Samsung A10 A105G Remove Knox Done
Samsung A10 A105G Remove Knox online Via Teamviewer

Nhận Xóa Knox - MDM Samsung A10 A105G
Nhận Xóa FRP - Gmail Samsung A10 A105G
Nhận Unlock - Mở Mạng Samsung A10 A105G

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 Searching Samsung modem... detected COM81
 Reading phone info...
 Model: SM-A105G
 AP version: A105GDXU3ASI1
 CSC version: A105GOLM3ASG1
 CP version: A105GDXU3ASG1
 Product code: XXV
 Phone SN: R58M78FJANJ
 IMEI: 357966107910
 IMEI2: 357967107910
 Unique number: CBJ0046778DBF66
 Reading IMEI... OK

2 Nhận xét

  1. Searching for Samsung MTP Port
    Found at COM7
    Open port
    Reading info
    Model: SM-A105G
    AP: A105GDXU7BTG3
    CSC: A105GOLM7BTG3
    CP: A105GDXU7BTG3
    Country: XXV
    Serial Number: R58M828823K
    Unique Number: CBJ007F46CA5A76
    IMEI 1: 357966109091257
    IMEI 2: 357967109091255
    Installing Drivers...
    Launching browser event
    Finished, Press 'view' on device screen to open the browser then continue to bypass FRP

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  2. Model: SM-A105G
    AP: A105GDXU7CUK3
    CSC: A105GOLM7CUK3
    CP: A105GDXU7CUK3
    Country: XXV
    Serial Number: RF8M50XSW2W
    Unique Number: CBJ00BD6E94DF46
    IMEI 1: 357186104918673
    IMEI 2: 357187104918671

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