A305F Unlock - Samsung A30 A305F Mở Mạng

A305F Unlock - Samsung A30 A305F Mở Mạng

Samsung A30 A305F Khóa Sim Nhà Mạng,Mở Mạng Thành Công
Samsung A30 A305F Unlock Network By Code

Nhận Unlock - Mở Mạng Samsung A30 A305F
Nhận Xóa FRP - Gmail Samsung A30 A305F
Nhận Xóa Knox - MDM Samsung A30 A305F

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Searching for SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem...OK
SAMSUNG USB Modem detected on [COM16]
Looking for DEVICE...OK
Reading USB MODEM information...OK
IMEI : 356970101589889
S/N  : R58M42D0NR
U/N  : CCU00C6B24EDC36
Loading ADB module..OK
Starting ADB module...OK
Searching for SAMSUNG ADB device...OK
Checking device authorization...OK
Reading ADB device information...
ADB Serial Number : R58M42D0NRL
Setting DEBUG level to HIGH...OK
Waiting for Reboot...OK
Android Version : 9
Warranty VOID : 0
Loading RIL applet...OK
Starting RIL applet...OK
Reading RADIO information...
IMEI : 356970101589889
Initializing RIL applet....OK
Starting exploit...[SHL:OK]...OK
Reading HW signature...OK
Reading data...OK
Calculating security...[KEY:OK]...OK
Sending data to SERVER...OK
Waiting for SERVER response (may take few minutes)...OK
Sending unlock codes to phone...OK
Operation successful.

1 Nhận xét

  1. Searching for Samsung MTP Port
    Found at COM68
    Open port
    Reading info
    Model: SM-A305F
    AP: A305FDDU5BTF6
    CSC: A305FOLM5BTF4
    CP: A305FXXU5BTE1
    Country: XXV
    Serial Number: R58M43NWKJH
    Unique Number: CBJ009B1A8F5236
    IMEI 1: 354868100735929
    IMEI 2: 354869100735927
    Installing Drivers...
    Launching browser event
    Finished, Press 'view' on device screen to open the browser then continue to bypass FRP

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