Samsung Wide G600S Please Call Me | Samsung Wide G600S FRP

Samsung Galaxy Wide G600S Please Call Me | Samsung Galaxy Wide G600S FRP

Samsung Galaxy Wide G600S Khóa 2 Trong 1 | Khóa FRP Và Please Call Me
Samsung Galaxy Wide G600S Xóa Xác Minh Tài Khoản Gmail (FRP)
Samsung Galaxy Wide G600S Xóa Please Call Me (Báo Mất Từ Xa)
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☯ Unlock - Remove FRP - Repair IMEI - Online (Teamviewer)
☎ Hotline : 0966833711 (Zalo + Facebook)

Platform: Samsung Android
Selected port: COM1
Selected model: SM-G600S
Reset FRP/ Reactivation lock operation for SM-G600S will delete all user data on the phone (contacts, pictures and others)! 

NOTE: You can reset FRP/ Reactivation without losing user data via Factory Reset FRP/ Reactivation service.
Connecting to server...
Could not connect to the server!
Checking resource files...
Resource files already downloaded.
Please put the phone into Download Mode and connect USB cable.
To put SM-G600S into Download Mode, You have to perform the following steps:
1. Reconnect the battery.
2. Press and hold "Volume-" + "Home" + "Power ON" keys.
3. When phone turns on, press "Volume+" key.
Waiting for phone...
Firmware write started.
Writing Custom section...
Custom section has been written successfully.
FRP lock is successfully reseted!
Wait 3-4 min then goto "Menu -> Settings -> Backup and reset" and make "Factory data reset"

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  1. Model : SM-G600S
    Product : on7nlteskt
    Device : on7nlteskt
    Andriod Ver. : 6.0.1
    Patch Level : 2016-09-01
    PDA : G600SKSU1APH2
    Bootloader : G600SKSU1APH2
    Build ID : MMB29M.G600SKSU1APH2
    Build Date : Wed Aug 31 17:31:17 KST 2016
    Checking Root Status...Done
    Root : SU Root [7.3:UMTSU]
    Removing Call Me...Done
    Rebooting device...Done
    Operation Finished.

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