OPPO A39 CPH1605 Unlock | OPPO A39 CPH1605 Mở Mạng

OPPO A39 CPH1605 Unlock | OPPO A39 CPH1605 Mở Mạng

OPPO A39 CPH1605 Khóa Sim Nhà Mạng | Mở Mạng Thành Công
OPPO A39 CPH1605 Network Lock | Unlock Network Online
OPPO A39 CPH1605 Mở Mạng | Hỗ Trợ Mở Mạng Online Từ Xa
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Unlock OPPO A39 CPH1605 | Mở Mạng OPPO A39 CPH1605
Nạp Tiếng Việt OPPO A39 CPH1605 | Repair IMEI OPPO A39 CPH1605

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A39 CPH1605 Unlock | A39 CPH1605 Mở Mạng | A39 CPH1605 Repair IMEI

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  1. [4]Detected: MediaTek USB Port (COM4)
    Starting META mode, wait...
    Restarting to meta,wait....
    If drivers missing, please install CDC drivers.
    This can take up to 5 min on slow phones.
    If take too long, check device manager for drivers.
    [20]META Port Detected: MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM_V1632 (Android) (COM20)
    Start sync target, waiting responce.....
    [AP]BaseBand CPU : mt6750,S01
    [AP]APP_VER: CPH1605EX_11_A.05_161118
    Rebooting to meta, wait....
    [META]BaseBand CPU : MT6750
    [META]SW_VER : MOLY.LR11.W1539.MD.TC16.JAD.SP.V1.P4
    [META]HW_VER : OPPO6755_66_C05_L_HW
    Meta mode conected ok, start reading phone....
    IMEI to repair: [1] 999999999999999
    Phone imei[1] : 999999999999999
    IMEI to repair: [2] 888888888888888
    Phone imei[2] : 888888888888888
    Clean Boot flag ok.
    All done.

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  2. Using Algo 3.
    Brand: OPPO
    Board: full_oppo6750_16321
    Model: CPH1605
    Name: CPH1605
    Release: CPH1605EX_11_A.16_180811
    Version: 5.1
    Platform: MT6755
    NVRAM Dumped OK.
    Reading imei
    IMEI[1]: fffffffffffffff
    IMEI[2]: fffffffffffffff
    Writing imei
    IMEI[1] TO UPDATE: 352596060192577
    IMEI[2] TO UPDATE: 352596060192588
    Writing data, wait....
    IMEI repair OK.
    [0]All done.

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