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Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (Hermes) Mi Account |  Tài Khoản Xiaomi

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 Connection Done.
 Read CPU Info...
 CPU_SW: 0000
 CPU_ID: 6795
 SecConf: 00000000
 uploading boot image to RAM...
 Handshake received from Phone.
 Detected eMMC FlashType.
 Warning: failed to init dram, loading default settings
 Waiting for DRAM detection...
 Selected: 1/3    ...
 Done. Size=0x0000000040000000
 uploading boot image to RAM...
 Handshake Received from Phone.
 eMMC cid: 110100303136473732
 CHIP     : MT67950000
 CPU ID   : 
 EMMC ID  : 110100303136473732
 EMMC Size: 16GB,  usable capacity: 14.68GB
 EMMC Name: eMMC_Toshiba_016G72
 Read Hardware Information is done.
 Checking imei ...
 new imei1: 888888888888885
 new imei2: 999999999999994
 Repairing Imei...  Verify Required...
 Disconnect USB Cable From Phone.
 Reconnect Again USB Cable.
 Waiting for Phone Usb...
 Process terminated by user.

1 Nhận xét

  1. Model: Redmi Note 2
    Name: hermes
    Release: LRX22G
    Version: 5.0.2
    Platform: MT6795
    NVRAM Dumped OK.
    C:\Users\thanhnamPDAviet\Documents\Android_MTK\nvram_backup\META_MODE_NVRAM_MT6795_Redmi Note 2_10_07_2019_17_01_22.zip
    Reading imei
    IMEI[1]: 4909ca1ff8765d0
    IMEI[2]: 4909ca1ff8765d0
    Writing imei
    IMEI[1] TO UPDATE: 352596060192577
    IMEI[2] TO UPDATE: 352596060192588
    Writing data, wait....
    IMEI repair OK.
    [0]All done.

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