Samsung S7 Edge G935S Dual Sim | Samsung S7 Edge G935S 2 Sim

Samsung S7 Edge G935S Dual Sim | Samsung S7 Edge G935S 2 Sim

Samsung S7 Edge G935S  Phiên Bản Korea 1 Sim | Nâng Cấp 2 Sim Thành Công
Lên 2 Sim Vĩnh Viễn Bằng Phần Mềm.Không Bị Đổi IMEI.Không Bị Lỗi Khi Nâng Cấp Android

Dịch Vụ Nhận Độ 2 Sim 
S7 : G930S G930K G930L G930F G930W8
S7 Edge : G935S G935K G935L G935F G935W8
S8 : G950F G950N
S8 Plus : G955F G955F
J7 Pro : J730S J730K J730L J730F J730G J730GM...
Note 8 : N950F N950N

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Waiting ADB device... OK
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-G935F
Android version: 7.0
PDA version: G935SXXU2DRAG
CSC version: G935FOXA1DQJ3
Phone version: G935KKKU1ERD5
Product code: 
CSC country code: UK & IRE
CSC sales code: BTU
Phone SN: R39H20MEBA
IMEI: 35564807028@thanhnamPDAviet

HW version: REV0.8
RF cal date: 20160226
Chip name: EXYNOS8890
Modem board: SHANNON335
Security patch: 2018-01-01
Boot Warranty bit: 1
Incorrect model selected. This may damage your phone. Continue?  Yes
Checking Super user right... true
Reading NV data... OK
Checking NV data... OK
Reading data... OK
Detecting MODEM... OK
Reading MODEM... OK
Calculating... OK
Writing zTool... OK
Initialization zTool... OK
Running zTool, please wait...
Start... OK
Initialization... OK
Generate and check client proof... OK
Verify proof by client... OK
Reading data... OK
HWID:  FE AE 26 35 87 5F C9 D8 1F DE A5 86 98 AE B3 76
Calculating... OK
Initialization AT RIL...
AT RIL stopped, restarting... OK
Checking for compatible phone and cert
Phone KEY ID: 0445
Checking certificate file... OK
KEY ID: 0445
Crypting CERT 1... OK
Crypting CERT 2... OK
Writing NV data... OK
Rebooting phone... OK
Write CERT done

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